Everyone in the room is dancing together. Everyone is smiling. Everyone is singing. This is not what one would call a "concert". Everyone is participating in the musical process. The ones leading the songs and dances are not at all seperate from the audience. They are Arthur and we are the Knights -all equal- and it's as fun as a Monty Python movie! This is what community performance feels like. Gerry and Denise Dignan travel the world together helping to build community in a very special way - using the power of music to transcend boundries and bring folks together like almost no other medium can. It's truly a magical experience. When we sat down to interview Gerry and Denise they informed us that this is how the United States was able to heal the deep wounds of the Civil War, with mass sing-a-longs. They also work with children and parents by participating in the Music Together program where children can learn, in a supportive environment with their parents, that they too are makers of music. Interviewing them for our very first production was such a treat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tWemhcabiw

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