Aloha everyone, Thank you all again so much for helping fund another year of Story Connective's good work. We absolutely loved bringing you stories from our community, food security advocates, ideas hatched by deep thinkers, & music written & produced by elementary school children! It was a lot of fun.

This winter, we are continuing to give back to our community by donating part of our proceeds to these stories. So, if you donate to either at or, you will get to vote on which one of the projects we've told a story about over the past six months that you want to support. Whichever project gets the most votes by our donors will receive a portion of the donation money from this fundraiser. Fund drive & voting ends December 31st, so donate today!

Here are the ballot choices

Maui Academy of Performing Arts:
Enriching individuals, building community, and connecting our world through the performing arts.

Find out more at

Na Moku Aupuni O Ko‘olau Hui:
A nonprofit organization whose membership includes farming families of Keanae/Wailuanui for water restoration

Find out more at NaMoku's page.

Grow Some Good:
Grow Some Good is dedicated to creating hands-on, outdoor learning experiences that cultivate curiosity about natural life cycles, connect students to their food sources, & inspire better nutrition choices. In addition to helping establish food gardens & living science labs in local schools, we provide resources & curriculum support through community partnerships in agriculture, science, food education & nutrition.

Find out more at

Post Growth Institute:
The Post Growth Institute is seeking to accelerate the world’s shift to an economy that thrives within ecological limits.

Find out more at

When We Shine:
When We Shine empowers communities to live a life they love through the arts and arts integration. Our purpose is to implement creative placemaking & social artistry to grow strong social networks, utilizing culture & the arts as tools for community building, healing & services, especially as it pertains to women, children and the environment.

Find out more at

You can support us & participate in voting in the following ways:

1) Become a sustaining supporter for as little as $1 per month at If you choose this option you will be invited into our creative process and our inner community, with special updates, stories, and some special perks. You will also be funding us to continue to do this important work.

2) Support us at to make a one-time donation to the Story Connective. Your donation will be used to purchase audio and video gear that will allow us to produce our stories with better sound and visual quality.

Thank you! After contributing, we will send you a ballot where you can vote on which of the organizations on the ballot list you would like to see a portion of our proceeds go to.

Thank you for your support,

Please donate before December 31st to vote.

And the winner of our Winter '18 Fund Drive is...

We are pleased to announce that Grow Some Good is the winner of our Winter 2018 Fund Drive! School gardens are booming around the world because of everyone's enthusiasm for the multitude of benefits that they bring to students, teachers, garden coordinators, the school & the wider community. Find out more about Grow Some Good's work at Please help us spread their work as well by sharing the podcast with folks you think may have an interest. Thank you so much for all your support; we truly appreciate it.

Thank you again for helping us tell inspiring stories!

Loxley & Rhapsody