Aloha everyone, We appreciate you so much for your continued support of Story Connective's work. It was so much fun bringing you stories from our honey moon, videos about edible plants, & yet another magical story bridge with some of our closest friends.

We are continuing to give back to our community this summer by donating part of our proceeds to community projects related to these stories. So, if you have donated to either or, you have received a ballot to vote on which one of the projects we've told a story about over the past six months that you want to support. After we have received all the ballots we tally them up to see who won.

And the winner of our Summer '19 Fund Drive is...

We are pleased to announce that Turtle Lake Refuge is the winner of our Summer 2019 Fund Drive! Thanks to your donations, Turtle Lake Refuge will continue to support its mission to celebrate the connection between personal health & wild lands. Please help us spread their work as well by sharing the video with people you think may have an interest. Thank you so much for all your support; we truly appreciate it.

You can support us & participate in future voting in the following ways:

1) Become a sustaining supporter for as little as $1 per month at If you choose this option you will be invited into our creative process and our inner community, with special updates, stories, and some special perks. You will also be funding us to continue to do this important work.

2) Support us at to make a one-time donation to the Story Connective. Your donation will be used to purchase audio and video gear that will allow us to produce our stories with better sound and visual quality.

Thank you! After contributing, we will send you a ballot where you can vote on which of the organizations on the ballot list you would like to see a portion of our proceeds go to.

Thank you for your support,

Loxley & Rhapsody